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Why Genius Growth System?


Short Term - You will be excited, eager, energetic in your job activities and you will like your job like never before.

Medium Term - You will make exponential career growth in shortest span of time

Long Term - You will feel 100% secured financially, positionally. 

Continuous Term: You will excel in current job and future ready with new skills

Life Long Term - You will enjoy prosperity, harmony at personal and professional level

You will Demonstrate: 

Excitement, Enthusiasm, Eagerness and Enjoyment to Explore many things

Constantly find opportunities to contribute to create outstanding results  

Being responsible you will not live life of victim but life of leader 

Compassionate about yourself and other people

Leadership to solve problems as well as create new exponential growth opportunities. 

Secure Your Access to the Training Now

If you don't master Growth skill now, you will be left behind with old learning techniques.

Module 1

Genius Growth Blueprint

This module will help you to achieve following things.

  1. Decide direction of your career.
  2. Create growth mindset.
  3. Understand action plan requirements for your career growth.

Module 2

Genius Potential Discovery

This module will help you to achieve following three things.

  1. Understand root cause of your current self image.
  2. Remove obstacles and bottlenecks which stopping you to grow.
  3. Provide you direction to explore your true identity.

Module 3

Genius Possibilities Creation

This module will help to achieve following three things.

  1. Expand growth vision for career journey.
  2. Create multiple options of growth.
  3. Create Action Plan for Transformation Journey.

Module 4

Genius Transformation Formula

This module will help you to achieve following three things.

  1. Step by step action to master required skill.
  2. Provides you complete picture of Growth Journey.
  3. Helps you to achieve career transformation.

Secure Your Access to the Training Now

Being master of growth skill, will help you not only to grow exponentially in your career but also will transform your personal life.

About Your Host

Mahesh Deshmukh

Founder : Genius Learning Academy

Mahesh Deshmukh is Chartered Accountant and completed Executive Post Graduate Diploma from Symbiosis international school of management. He has 20+ years of industry experience and held many senior positions in different multinational companies. He is NLP Master Practitioner, Accelerated Learning Trainer and Public Speaking coach.

Secure Your Access to the Training Now

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